Thursday, December 3, 2009

Autism - Routine - Visual Thinking - Inclusion

I have had some requests from some people on youtube to do more vlogs on autism/asperger syndrome. I usually chicken out but finally worked up some courage to do some vlogs. This is the first one that I uploaded.

I stared sharing and then started thinking of what my friends have helped me to learn in the last few years and then I started crying my eyes out. Below the vlog I am sharing one of the monatges I made that I would not have learned to do at all without their help. Thank you so much everyone for all you have done for me.

Here is parts 2 & 3 to my Autism - Routine - Visual Thinking - Inclusion vlogs:


SueReu said...

Aspiegirl - you are a true inspiration.

Thank you for sharing your world with us. WE have learned so much from YOU.

We love you

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you so much for sharing your world with us in your blog, vlogs, montages, message board posts. You have taught the Clay Aiken Nation so much about autism, visual learning, and inclusion.

Thank you, too, for being a very special friend.


Anonymous said...


I just found "Aspiegirl's Corner" and what an inspiration you are.

I also want to Thank You for the Wonderful "Tribute To Joan, Because You Loved Me," it is saved in my computer. I know Joan is looking down and so proud.

Oh how I miss Joan (Ashes).... she became such a good friend and taught me so much over the past six years.....I Do Miss Her, she is a Angel, now watching over all of us. Isn't it amazing how you can become such good friends with someone you never met.

Thank You again for shareing your life with all of us.